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  • community

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  • inclusion

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Grow your career on the forefront of
behavioral health. Make an impact
at SummitStone.

Our vision is transformative—equity, representation, dignity and belonging for everyone.

We work with underserved populations and draw strength from that. The work is challenging but equally rewarding. And we do it together, as a community.

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Case Management


  • Comprehensive & Integrated
    Behavioral Health Positions

    Opportunities for Mental Health and Substance Use/Addiction Specialists Care Coordinators, Behavioral Health Technicians, House Supervisors, Treatment Navigators and more. Including roles for both licensed and unlicensed providers.

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  • Nursing

    Provide world-class care for people, at their most vulnerable times, who are often overlooked and underserved.

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  • Physicians & Medical Providers

    Whether you're a family physician, psychiatrist, or physician's assistant, you'll serve a diverse and varied population experiencing multiple vulnerabilities.

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  • Therapists

    Use advanced therapy techniques to treat clients' mental health, facilitate individual and group sessions, create individualized treatment plans and more.

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  • Case Management

    Collaboratively assess, plan and implement services that help us meet every patient's unique, individual needs.

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  • Business Administration &
    Operations Support

    From HR to compliance to marketing and beyond, you’ll help us build and achieve strategic goals that impact a growing number of people.

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A foundation
built on justice
and equity.

We promote equity within our sphere of influence so that someone's identity and circumstances do not dictate what they can achieve.

We are steadfast believers in the urgency of representation, inclusion and dignity across our organization.

Uplifting culture.

From day one, you're a part of a community. We're on a shared journey that brings us closer together while we collectively grow, solve difficult challenges and help people live healthier lives.

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We strive to build
community and

I love being a part of the community in my work so working for a non-profit has its benefits for me.

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Powerful purpose.

We're dedicated to creating a world where behavioral and mental health is more accessible, more impactful and more affordable. We're collaborating across our teams to bring out the best in each other and work towards achieving that mission.


We're pursuing a more inclusive and equitable future through a deep commitment to hiring a diverse workforce that represents the communities we serve and strongly promotes-from-within practices.

Equitable rewards.

From flexible scheduling and our 403(b) retirement plan to comprehensive insurance programs and a wide variety of PTO options, our total rewards promote more equitable professional and personal lives for everyone on our team.


  • How can I grow my career at SummitStone?

    All levels of clinical and operations staff at SummitStone Health work within a highly-collaborative team environment that supports ongoing education and learning. Our team-based model provides a safe, inclusive and healing environment that builds on the capacity for resiliency and recovery in the children, adults and families we serve. You will find an unprecedented level of support, guidance and opportunities for professional growth in this role.

  • How are specialty, certifications and licensure supported?

    There are opportunities within our team-based model to attend company-sponsored training programs, complete certifications (such as CAT or CAS) and to learn from seasoned colleagues daily. SummitStone provides clinical supervision toward licensure at no cost to the employee and reimburses any fees required for licensure.

  • Are there any program or shift differentials?

    Definitely. There are shift differentials paid for work occurring on weekends, nights and holidays. Additionally, some programs have differentials up to 20%.

    We aim to be a leader in our field by incentivizing our clinical staff and providers for the impact they can have on our clients. Clinical staff working within the SummitReach Program can earn between $2,000 - $23,400 annually on top of their base wage, depending on the position and FTE level. We offer substantial hourly shift differentials and/or program differentials up to 20% for select positions.

  • What makes SummitStone special/employer of choice?

    This is a place where you can truly make a difference – with individual clients and within the community. Our programs support those who are often at the time of greatest need for support.

    All clinical and operations staff at SummitStone Health work within a highly collaborative team environment. We believe in continuous improvement and provide training and development opportunities to staff, as well as select certification opportunities. You will find an unprecedented level of support, guidance and opportunities for professional growth in this role. Our teams use innovative, evidence-based approaches to treat clients along our continuum of care.

  • What are the benefits of working at a community mental health center?

    We are a team that utilizes a Treatment Team approach. This supports you as a clinician and allows the highest level of team work and learning from colleagues.

    In the community mental health setting, you are able to collaborate with a diverse treatment team so that clients can receive comprehensive care. We provide services and support that often cannot be offered at smaller organizations or via private practice.

    We are able to provide multiple levels of care, including Outpatient treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Services and Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Treatment.

  • What is the relationship between the medical team and the therapy team like?

    We strive to create a cohesive and integrated care team for our clients. The medical and therapist teams, case managers and peers work hand-in-hand to meet client needs.

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