We're steadfast believers in equity.

At SummitStone, we are committed to cultivating an equitable workplace. Join us in our journey.

Building an inclusive future, together.

Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion—values we believe must be in place to succeed in our lives and work. We must care for our team as much as our clients and those around us. Doing our best work means creating a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are and actively engaging in community with others based on our similarities and differences.

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JEDIS is how we create organizational change

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion @ SummitStone (JEDIS) JEDIS is our organization-wide effort focused on addressing inequities and cultivating inclusivity that better support the diversity in our community and at SummitStone, with an aspiration towards justice.

  • DEI Plan

    We create, review and regularly revise our DEI plan, which is a part of the SummitStone strategic plan.

  • Learning & Development

    We are committed to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities that enhance individuals' awareness, knowledge and skills. These contribute to us being client center and to creating a more inclusive workplace.

  • Community Engagement

    We're deeply embedded in the communities we serve. We have intentional collaborations and partnerships throughout Larimer county. We seek regular input and involvement from clients and families we serve.

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More than talk.

We are actively committed to understanding and addressing disparities in behavioral healthcare within our community. SummitStone has decades of experience working with historically and currently underserved populations. We understand that it is our responsibility to provide behavioral healthcare that acknowledges and addresses inequalities in care that exist across socioeconomic backgrounds, race, gender, sexuality, religion and more.

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Hear from our people.

We asked some of our team members what they thought about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at SummitStone. Check out some of their stories here.

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